hello there!
I’m Pinky.
I use design to help people and inspire an emotional connection.
I strive to learn something new each day & indulge fresh insights.
I have gained experience in the Interior design industry for 10 years which revolved around designing physical spaces. But soon after I felt it was time for me to move on to something else. So I dove deep into designing digital spaces and taught myself User experience design for more than a year. I believe these two design disciplines both have the same goal- to build an environment and experiences that guides users.
In my experience, be it the physical environment or digital space. I always seek to simplify the relationship between people and the products they use. But more importantly putting the users at the heart of the design process.
I found love for UX Design because I believe I can make more meaningful designs and apply it broadly in the world.
Now I want to translate the knowledge I’ve earned through the years to transition to becoming a UX Designer.
UX / UI Design Capstone Project
It's a mobile app, where a community of passionate readers gather and share their reading journey with others.
UI Design Exercise
An app for professionals with busy schedules who needs pre-prepped vegan meal kits to prepare home-cooked meals.
Branding Design
Bloombella’s is a homegrown plant shop owned by a Filipina mother-daughter duo.
Branding Design
Ryleigh's Table serve different varieties of craveable creamy dips to match with sliders and crackers.