Branding Design
Bloombella's is a homegrown plant shop owned by a Filipina mother-daughter duo.
"Grow your indoor jungle."
Their love for plants started in 2015 partly because they needed an activity to combat stresse specially when the pandemic occured. This paved the way for them to transform their passion into a viable business.
Taking cues from the organic forms of nature, Bloombella’s logo and other elements are characterised by organic stroke and graceful curves.
Brand Direction
Its brand design direction is aimed at connecting to customers in a fun and fresh style. By marrying the hues of soft blush pink and natural organic green it simply conveys Bloombella’s brand voice: natural, and superbly chic.
I searched for other plant sellers in Manila; there's a lot of them so I just narrowed it down to three. To make the comparison easier.

I chose these sellers since they have good number of followers and they all have interesting logos.

But I find that the use of "Manila" has been overused. So Bloombella’s already have one differentiating factor. Which is the brand name itself

I have also done a SWOT analysis in order to guide on what steps to take in developing the brand.

Design Phase

From the SWOT analysis and by stalking the 3 sellers in social media. It has brought me an insight that these brands lack something. It lacks "human factor"

Essentially, it became my guide in designing the logo. But also considering the owners' personality: posh and warm-hearted. I tried to emulate this by applying organic strokes and graceful curves. That purely evokes warmth and simplicity.

Old logo of Bloombellas
I made rough sketches first and proposed other logo designs as well
The Logo that made the cut
As mentioned earlier, I wanted to add that human touch for Bloombella's. Thus, I provide a simple thank you note for their customers. According to Psychology today, "...thanking a new acquaintance makes them more likely to seek an ongoing relationship." This simple gesture hopefully achieves strong customer loyalty.

On the one hand, Bloombella' have high volume of inquiries especially on how to take care of the plants. So it takes away the burden of anwering customers repeatedly.

So what I did was to provide a card where they can write on about HOW TO's in taking good care of the plants.


At it's core, Bloombella's aim is to provide their fellow plant enthusiasts the best service possible, To encourage the market to enjoy moments of pleasure whenever they tend to their plants.

The sense of warmth and simplicity are the genuine voice of the brand that I felt needed to be conveyed and shared to others.


As I’ve done in my past interior design projects I always make sure that it reflects my client's personality and goals. That design involves more than just pretty logo or visuals. So in this project, I analyse what the branding design can do to help Bloombellas to set them apart from other plant sellers.

An impactful brand that sends a message that Bloombella's have a desire to bring smile to each customer they serve.

If I had more time in my hands and if the budget was not a constraint. I would’ve gone extra mile in creating Bloombella’s website and other social media elements to make the brand even more consistent in design.

If you are plant hoarders and are planning to grow your own indoor jungle follow Bloombellas. They will happily provide you with unique collection of plants & guide you through your plant parenthood journey.