UI Design Exercise
A mobile app for professionals with busy schedules who needs pre-prepped vegan meal kits to prepare home-cooked meals.

As fairly a newbie in this this UX Design field, I signed up for a UI / UX specialisation in Coursera. Thus, to learn more about the fundamentals and principles of UI/ UX. Basically, this is the first exercise I made I learned what kind of processes needed to design an Interface. Moreso, how each element works and how it can change and shape experiences.

"Experience the joy of healthy cooking with ease"
Personal Objectives
My main objective in doing this exercise is to demonstrate how I can apply those learnings such as colour, typography and imagery to create a visually appealing user-interface.
Project Overview
Fresho allows the end-user to locate vegan restaurants or restaurants that offers vegan food options who provide pre-prepped and portioned meal kits near their location.The user will be able to whip up a restaurant-quality and healthy meals at home. Without the hassle of taking a trip to grocery stores. Each meal kit comes with a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow and can also be accessed through the app. They also have the option to plan out their meals for a week or in a month. Ultimately, the busy bee professionals will get to experience the ease of cooking within the comforts of their home.
This defines the look and feel I want Fresho to convey: natural and minimalist.
UI Elements
In the course we are asked to create a pattern library in order for us to design a cohesive set of Interface elements. Apply the look and feel of the moodboard we have created.
Final Design
After combining all the components, I was able to create a static interface for Fresho. I made sure those components will work harmoniously as a whole.

This project has not only taught me the fundamentals of User Interface design. But how it can show the app’s brand voice. Moreso, it taught me how to be consistent in creating interface elements and that every pixel matters.

Overall, this is a fun learning experience for me. Since I have little to no knowledge of what UI or UX is all about, I was able to take a taste of how to design an interface.