Branding Design
Ryleigh’s Table serve different varieties of craveable creamy dips to match with sliders and crackers.
"A home to satiate your tasetebuds."
About the Brand
Ryleigh's Table is a charming homegrown product in Manila, Philippines. The brand was named after the owners' daughter, "Ryleigh", who inspires them in every venture they take.
Why they started

It was borne out of pure love for good food and the owner wanted to share the same passion with others. Customers can enjoy every dip. Each bite will always be a delightful experience.

They also envision to expand the brand as a grocer. Where they will offer well-curated goods from different parts of the world. It will soon be a home to satiate their customers tastebuds.

Before I started to conceptualise the design for Ryleigh's Table. I send a list of questions to the owner, for me to know better the Ryleigh's table brand. I also had a quick zoom call with her to delve deep on what she wants out of the design.
"I need to be more consistent with my branding. I need a logo with more character. That when I see that logo i dont need to put the name Ryleigh's table. They already know that it is the brand' s logo."_J.Robles
By conducting that interview helped me to move forward in creating the design and became a guide for me as well.
Design Phase
Logo Design

Ryleigh's Table brand mark is custom classic serif type. Its curved terminals give a sleek and elegant look.

The goal was an overall look that personifies the brand's elegance. But at the same time, remain as an approachable brand.

As mentioned by the owner, she wanted her brand to be easily recognised by the brand mark alone.

Looking back at her previous logo, it already has a potentional. But there's inconsistencty in the design
Old Ryleigh’s Table logo and brand mark
As per usual, I always start with rough drafts before I move in using digital tools.
Initial Logo proposal
Final Logo Design
I also created an alternate logo which she can use for other touchpoints of the brand system.
Visual System
Creating a visual system for this project helps in keeping the consistency and integrity of the design.
Visual Mockups
These mock-ups helped me visualise what the logo and other design aspects RT would look like in real life. The elements are pretty much flexible, easy-to-use and can be used across multiple touchpoints.

I came to realise that conducting interviews and getting to know your client helps a lot in understanding their business goals. It became my guide in fleshing out the design for Ryleigh's Table.

But also its a good practice to do some sketching first when designing before grabbing those digital pens or digital tools. Its much easier to do iterations.

Lastly, presenting at least 3- 4 design options helped me to save time. Also giving the owner the opportunity to choose and less iterations on my end. Actually this technique always works for me.